Pediatric dentistry specializes in the intricacies of a child’s oral structure. The rate of development in a child’s mouth is fast and changes begin to occur rather quickly. Dr. Gundersen knows and understands that small children have trouble sitting still and remaining calm during cleanings and procedures that require any length of time to complete.

Dr. Gundersen takes his role as a pediatric dental provider very seriously. He takes great care to make sure your child is comfortable at all times. It is his goal to establish a positive relationship with each of his pediatric patients that will encourage them to continue visiting his office as they get older.

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When should a child first seek Pediatric Dentistry care?

You should schedule your child’s first dental exam when they are approximately one year of age. At this time, Dr. Gundersen will be able to look at the structures of the mouth and evaluate the progress of how your child’s teeth are developing. He will be able to determine at that time if the child’s teeth are developing as they should or if there are any issues that need to be addressed.

Seeing children at a very young age helps Dr. Gundersen to establish positive relationships with them. By working with them as toddlers, they become familiar with both him and his office. This also gives Dr. Gundersen the ability to help teach the child proper dental care showing them proper brushing and flossing techniques that will help to protect their teeth as they grow.

What aspects of pediatric dentistry are focused on during a child's teeth examination?

As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Gundersen will look closely at the child’s mouth and how it is developing. He will check the soft tissues, including the gums and the tongue. Our experts will also closely examine all of the teeth that are present to ensure the child has no cavities or decay. He will also take the time to address any concerns you may have about how your child’s teeth are developing.

By feeling the gums, Dr. Gundersen can determine if any new teeth are close to the surface. While each child will develop differently, most will follow a normal pattern when compared to other children in their age group. Any abnormalities will be noted in their chart so that Dr. Gundersen can continue to monitor them as they grow.

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